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How to order

At MVI hazel, we are dedicated to providing members of the kitchen trade, with the best products, at the most competitive prices. All in a timely and efficient process. To ensure this excellent standard of service and that your company avails of trade prices on all our fittings range, we ask you go through the following brief process:


1. Create an online account


A. Existing Offline MVI Hazel Customers - For those of you who already have an existing MVI Hazel account and would like to begin ordering online from our B2B Webshop, simply go to the account creation page and enter your company name, a contact email address and if possibly available, your account number. We will respond to your request within 1 full working day. Once we have identified your existing account, you will be assigned a login ID and default password. Then you can view our exclusive trade prices and order direct from our B2B Webshop. If you are not an account holder already and your order is urgent, call us on 01 864 3480 to make an offline payment.


B. Applying for a new trade account - (PLEASE NOTE: Only direct members of the kitchen, bedroom and furniture trade with a valid VAT registered number will be successful in their application.)

To become an online customer of MVI Hazel and avail of great trade prices from a fast and cost efficient online process, we must first ask that you take 5 minutes to complete our application form. All data obtained will be held in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with the data protection acts of 1988 and 2003. Upon completion of account application, you will receive an email of all the details you submitted and confirmation that your application will be reviewed. Due to a high volume of account applications, new applicants will be reviewed within 2-3 working days of receipt and will be responded to on the same day of review. If your application is successful, you will be notified via email that your account has been created with an assigned login ID and default password. Then you can view our exclusive trade prices and order direct from our B2B Webshop. If you are not an account holder already and your order is urgent, call us on 01 864 3480 to make an offline payment.

Upon online account creation, we best advise that you change the default password assigned. To do this, simply go to your account page in the top left when logged in and click the "change your password" page.

2. Using the B2B Webshop

Log in: enter your username and password and you will have access to your mvihazel.com account.

Find a product: look either by using the product search box in the top right hand side of the home page with a description of the product required, or by selecting one of the product groupings on the right hand column. Also you can click our B2B Webshop which will bring you to the entire catalogue.

Add an item to your cart: to add a product to your order - enter quantity required and click 'add to cart'.

Review your basket: Click the icon at top right of page. Here you can concisely review the contents of your basket. Also you can:


  • Make a quick order if you have the catalogue to hand by simply entering the item number and quantity required. Can be done through a choice of single or multiple line.
  • Manage, save or load stored multiple baskets if you have separate orders for different jobs/clients

Go to checkout: you will now be guided through a three stage process of confirming invoice information, preferred delivery address and payment method - to assure a smooth ordering process.

3. Payment

A. Paypal - To ensure safe, concise and efficient transfer of payment we use Paypal. Upon stage 3 of the checkout process, you will be redirected to a Paypal payment portal through which you can either pay as a Paypal member or simply give your details. As a world wide standard of excellence, Paypal ensure absolute discretion and safety of payment. Upon completion of payment in Paypal, you will be redirected back to mvihazel.com where a confirmation of order will appear. You will receive confirmation of payment via email from both mvihazel.com and Paypal.

B. Credit Account - If you are deemed eligible for a credit account (you may apply by returning this posted form), or are an existing account holder, you will have an additional option in the checkout of adding the order's value to your credit account. If you have exceeded your credit limit amount, then this option will not appear in the checkout process and you will need to contact our accounts department to re-activate. To view at anytime, the status of your credit account, simply go to your account profile and view the "Credit Account Status" bar. For customers who do not have a credit account, this status bar will not appear.

4. Delivery

We have an excellent network of dedicated couriers who deliver parcel and freight all over Ireland, Great Britain and the rest of the world. All deliveries in Ireland and the UK are dispatched within 24 hours from when the order is received. Irish orders should arrive in 1-2 working days from dispatch. UK orders should arrive in 2-3 working days from dispatch. 

5. Archiving and administration

All posted invoices and credit memos are downloadable in PDF format via your account page and have invoice/credit numbers that match our internal system making it easy to track.

Any queries regarding offline orders or collections should be sent to sales@mvihazel.com or phone +353 1 864 3480