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Our Brands

MVI Hazel represents a number of well-known international brands in the British and Irish market. Some of the brands represented by MVI Hazel include:


DTC DTC Drawer Components
DTC Giulio Citterio Kitchen Handles
DTC Pyramis Sinks and Taps
DTC Armando Vicario
DTC Fingertip Design Cabinet Fittings
DTC Danco Hinges and Plates
DTC Quooker Boiling Water Taps
DTC Dropson Water Filters
DTC Tala Carpentry Tools 
DTC Spax German Screws
DTC Schock Composite Sinks
DTC Sanindusa Ceramic Sinks
DTC Emuca Corner
DTC Siso Wardrobe Fittings
DTC Robus LED Kitchen Lights
DTC Duracell LED Lighting
DTC Alpha Chem Adhesives
DTC Clearwater Kitchen
DTC Makita Power Tools
DTC STUK Sandpapers & Abrasives